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Cindy Chanslor (United States)
Excellent Teaching Tool

We purchased these kits for the architects and engineers at our company to use as a teaching tool with elementary and middle school students. As soon as the kits arrived, the architects began to build and the engineers "applied force" to show why their structure would not stand. It has sparked some lively discussion and is helping everyone to be able to understand and verbalize the concepts of structural engineering. The bracing wires are fairly easy to get tangled and some of the pieces are quite small, so I agree with the suggested age recommendation, especially if without adult supervision.

Andres Restrepo (Colombia)
Brilliant thing, excellent.

I am an architecture student, and being gifted the 3 mola structural kits, I have now spent many hours "playing", but I've actually just been learning. It's an excellent product, great quality, and very accurate to real structural systems and engineering.

Juan Pablo Ferrari (Argentina)

El producto es excelente. Permite una gran variedad de adaptaciones para poder visualizar conceptualmente el comportamiento de diversas tipologías de estructuras.

Roberto and friends (Sweden)
Intuitive and fun

Very interesting even for experienced structural engineers. Nice that one can quickly experiment with physical models and discuss various structural concepts. Good quality, easy to assemble and dismantle.

Bree (United States)
So good

These sets were so slay and educationally valid. I’m so happy I bought these and couldn’t be happier with my purchase.