Mola Structural Model

Mola is an interactive physical model that simulates the behavior of architectural structures. The model consists of a set of modular pieces, allowing countless combinations.

With Mola you can build different structural systems, visualize the movements and deformations of its elements and have a sensory experience with structural behavior using your own hands.



The model requires no prior technical knowledge for you to start studying the structures. Its use is very simple and intuitive and is applicable to both professional and students, as well as anyone interested in the subject.

While observing a real structure, it is difficult to visualize the physical phenomena involved in its behavior. Its deformations and displacements usually cannot be detected by the naked eye, making it a very abstract and difficult subject to understand.



Mola parts were designed with specific materials to allow the visualization of these phenomena. The idea is to simulate the behavior of structures in a tactile and visual way, making the subject more concrete and intuitive.

The Mola Structural Model is compact, versatile and easy to use. All parts are connected through magnetism, and each one represents one or more elements of a real structure.

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