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Mola is a learning tool for anyone interested in the structures and buildings that surround us. It's a modular construction system, scientifically validated, that simulates real structures behavior. The model is composed of different elements, that are connected through magnets, allowing countless combinations.

You can assemble, visualize and feel the structures using your own hands. It is a hands-on activity that can help people to understand abstract concepts in a tangible and concrete manner.

The model is compact, versatile and simple to use. You don't need technical knowledge to start studying the structures. So, Mola is applicable to both professional and students, as well as anyone interested in the subject.

These carefully designed kits allow students of all levels to interactively learn basic principles in structural design. This invaluable hands on experience empowers them to apply these basic principles to the design of full scale structures.

— Dr. Eng. Tal Cohen, Prof. at MIT, USA.

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Which Mola Structural Kit is right for you?

Take advantage of a vast world of construction possibilities. Build over 100 structural arrangements with each model.

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Mola Structural Kit 1

Mola Structural Kit 1 is a great starter set for engineers, architects, educators, students, or any curious mind to explore and realistically simulate different structural systems.

With Mola 1 longer span members and diaphragms, you are invited to play with the seismic behavior of a three-story building and plenty of other structures you come up with.

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Mola Structural Kit 2

Mola Structural Kit 2 is also a great starter set for architects, engineers, educators, students, or any curious mind to explore and realistically simulate different structural systems.

Mola 2 continuous connections unlock continuous columns, continuous beams, transition beams, and more. Plate, one of the span members, and diagonals come in new sizes, offering you more room to flex your creativity muscles.

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Mola Structural Kit 3

Dive into the world of cable structures. If you are into bridges and tension members, Mola Structural Kit 3 is your perfect choice.

With Mola 3 cable elements, you can easily assemble bridges, tensegrity and hanging structures that behave just like real structures would.

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Stansted Airport - UK

Iconic structures

Combine Mola Structural Kits with accessories to bring the world’s iconic structures to life or recreate your own city landmarks.

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Scientifically validated system

The science behind Mola

Deformed shape

Theoretical model

Deformed shape

Mola Structural Model

Scientifically validated system

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The study and validation of Mola Structural System was the subject of a master thesis at Federal University of Ouro Preto - UFOP, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Over 40 different tests were performed, testing single elements, flat and spatial structures. The results were amazing! The model is much more accurate than previously thought. Its behavior is really similar to a real structure behavior.

Using springs, magnets, and different connections is an excellent idea. I have not seen any structural model able to show as many phenomena as Mola.

— Dr. Eng. Alain Nussbaumer, Prof. École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne - EPFL, Switzerland.
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More than 800 universities, 600 engineering and architecture offices and thousands of people from more than 100 countries trust Mola to reach their structural outcomes.

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Revolutionary: a spectacular and fun way to test the behavior of structures, and check their operation through intuitive models that are easy to assemble. It has revolutionized the teaching of structures.

— Julian Alcala, Spain.

A wonderful pedagogic tool: I am an acoustician, and these sets have helped me a lot to understand basic structural engineering. Nothing beats the instant feedback you get when using your hands to feel, to understand complex mechanical systems. It opens up a whole new communication channel for learning. I love my Mola Kits and bought all three right away.

— Rikard Öqvist, Sweden.

Excelente Kit! Got it for my nephew and absolutely love it - me and him :) Really good quality and it is wonderful to check on by your self how construction fizics works!

— Andrzej Zatek, Poland.

Mola Structural Model is Amazing: I'm a structural engineer, and I feel like a kid again each time I open the Mola box. No purchase has given me more delight for the money. Highly recommended.

— Dan Popp, United States.

Useful tool of the structural engineer: It has been a fantastic experience, because it has helped me to solve different responses and deformations of the elements under gravitational and lateral loads. It is a useful tool for enthusiastic lovers of structures. Tool that cannot be missing in the office of a structural engineer.

— Cecil Guevara, Peru.