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Here, you can explore the diverse experiences and success stories from users of our innovative educational tool. Learn how Mola is making a difference in classrooms, workplaces, and beyond.

Academic Professors

Enhancing Education with Mola

Discover insights from leading academic professors who have integrated Mola into their curriculum. They share how it has revolutionized teaching methods, improved student engagement, and fostered a deeper understanding of complex structural engineering concepts.

Mola for education >

These carefully designed kits allow students of all levels to interactively learn basic principles in structural design. This invaluable hands on experience empowers them to apply these basic principles to the design of full scale structures.

— Dr. Eng. Tal Cohen, Prof. at MIT, USA.

Using springs, magnets, and different connections is an excellent idea. I have not seen any structural model able to show as many phenomena as Mola.

— Dr. Eng. Alain Nussbaumer, Prof. École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne - EPFL, Switzerland.

What you learn with your hands impresses better your
brain. Mola is a great tool for understanding structural behavior. Mola mucho.

— Dr. Eng. Jorge Bernabeu, Prof. Technical University of Madrid - UPM, Spain.

Mola has touched the hearts and minds of architects and engineers, especially the young ones. It’s very interesting to note how, in a time of sophisticated and powerful numerical models, physical models continue to have a vital and irreplaceable role.

— Dr. Eng. Henrique Lindenberg Neto, Prof. University of São Paulo - USP, Brazil.

Industry Professionals

Bridging Theory and Practice

Read testimonials from professionals in the structural engineering and architecture industry who have leveraged our tool for continuing education and on-the-job training. These stories highlight its role in bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, enhancing skills and productivity.

Mola at work >

Understanding structures is a key aspect in architecture creation. Mola Structural Model is an excellent tool for visualizing the structural phenomena.

— Arq. Siegbert Zanettini, São Paulo, Brazil.

Mola is a tool that facilitates our conversations with both lay people and professionals.

— Eng. Helio Olga Jr., ITA Timber Engineering, Brazil.

Mola helps as a physical model to make tests, trials and verify hypotheses. It is very real, visual, and physical. You can touch it with your hands and feel the structural response. On the other hand, it encourages the freedom of play. This second aspect is as important as the previous one or even more so.

— Dr. Eng. Jorge Bernabeu. Structural Eng. at Bernabeu Ingenieros, Spain.

Our Valued Customers

Real Feedback and Experiences

Explore authentic reviews from our diverse customer base. These firsthand accounts provide a comprehensive look at how Mola is used in various contexts, showcasing its positive impact on educational and professional journeys.

Learn from the community >

Revolutionary: a spectacular and fun way to test the behavior of structures, and check their operation through intuitive models that are easy to assemble. It has revolutionized the teaching of structures.

— Julian Alcala, Spain.

Excelente Kit! Got it for my nephew and absolutely love it - me and him :) Really good quality and it is wonderful to check on by your self how construction fizics works!

— Andrzej Zatek, Poland.

Mola Structural Model is Amazing: I'm a structural engineer, and I feel like a kid again each time I open the Mola box. No purchase has given me more delight for the money. Highly recommended.

— Dan Popp, United States.

Useful tool of the structural engineer: It has been a fantastic experience, because it has helped me to solve different responses and deformations of the elements under gravitational and lateral loads. It is a useful tool for enthusiastic lovers of structures. Tool that cannot be missing in the office of a structural engineer.

— Cecil Guevara, Peru.

A wonderful pedagogic tool: I am an acoustician, and these sets have helped me a lot to understand basic structural engineering. Nothing beats the instant feedback you get when using your hands to feel, to understand complex mechanical systems. It opens up a whole new communication channel for learning. I love my Mola Kits and bought all three right away.

— Rikard Öqvist, Sweden.

Our Early Supporters

Stories from Crowdfunding Backers

Learn why our dedicated crowdfunding backers believed in our vision from the beginning. Their testimonials reveal the benefits they have experienced as early adopters and their continued support for our educational tool.

Learn more about Mola's Crowdfunding journey >

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PET Civil - UFPR

Find out how a group of students brought together more than 160 people to support the first Mola crowdfunding campaign and provide students and professors with Mola Structural Kit 1 at the Civil Engineering Department, Federal University of Parana - UFPR. Curitiba, Brazil.

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ITA - Timber Engineering

ITA backed Mola Structural Kit 1 and Mola Structural Kit 2 crowdfunding campaigns, with their logo on the product's boxes, and now, as partners, they share their experience using the model. Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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TQS - Structural Eng Softwares

TQS supported Mola even before our first campaign. Now they have their logo on Mola 3 box. Find out how was their first contact with the model. Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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In the Press

What Experts Are Saying

See what industry experts and notable publications are saying about Mola. These press quotes offer third-party validation, highlighting our product's design and groundbreaking contributions to structural engineering education.

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It's the first structural modeling kit you’ll want to snap a selfie with, regardless of your major.

A New Way to Learn About Structures.

They’re good for wannabe architects, too.

Student Voices

Learning Experiences Firsthand

Hear directly from students who have used Mola to enhance their learning. These quotes reflect their personal experiences, improvements in understanding structural engineering concepts, and how our tool has prepared them for future careers.

Mola for learners >

Mola was perfect for simulating what we had in mind, as it is also modular and lightweight. It truly simulates all the characteristics of a well-made steel structure.

— Marcelo Marçal, Mackenzie Presbyterian University, Brazil.